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About Genea

About-Genea-Homepage-ImageGenea provides cloud-based software and services for the commercial real estate industry. We integrate directly into a building’s automation system/energy management system (BAS/EMS) and provide value-added tools to manage tenant-related energy services such as Afterhours HVAC and lights, and automated submeter reading and billing.+ read more


Afterhours Control System (ACS Cloud) – Genea’s Afterhours Control System (ACS Cloud) enables tenants to conveniently procure afterhours HVAC and lights via smartphone & tablet apps, personal computers, or telephone.
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Automated Meter Reading Billing (AMRB) – Genea’s AMRB provides a complete solution for commercial office building teams to automate the process of billing tenants back for energy costs of supplemental equipment.
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Commercial Office Owners - Genea provides building management teams the tools to effectively manage tenant-related energy services such as Afterhours HVAC and lights, and tenant bill backs of energy costs for supplemental equipment.
+ read moreProperty Managers – Genea’s solutions manage all Afterhours HVAC services from beginning to end while providing 24/7 support and monitoring that ensures quality care for tenants.
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Building Engineers - Genea’s software empowers building engineers to maximize tenant satisfaction and comfort by seamlessly integrating with existing building automation system (BAS/EMS) technology.
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Tenants - Genea’s ACS Cloud gives tenants convenient access to schedule Afterhours HVAC services via mobile apps, personal computers and telephone.
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Rosie P
The launch of the ACS Cloud was great, no problems to report. Thanks for staying on top of this.
Spencer M
The Genea ACS Cloud system looks intuitive and clean. I like it.
Maggie Z
As always – you are the winner of best vendor ever award. Thank you!!
Sheree H
You guys always have the most user friendly interface!
Melissa G
Thank you so much! The ACS Cloud website is very user friendly and has a ton of info.
Adrienn T
Genea's Client Services Team has been wonderfully helpful with the new Genea system transition.They set up our tenant user group for us with 50+ users.