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Delivering high quality service for commercial office tenants is a 24/7 business as property managers are involved in all aspects of day-to-day operations of the property, including accounting, tenant relations, maintenance and repair, security and service requests. Genea helps property management teams save time by automatically managing tenant-related energy services such as Afterhours HVAC and lights, and tenant bill backs of energy costs for supplemental equipment.

Genea’s ACS Cloud manages all Afterhours HVAC services from beginning to end:

  • Easy to use web & mobile applications to process Afterhours HVAC requests
  • Automated scheduling of afterhours services through a direct connection to the building automation system (BAS/EMS)
  • Appropriate costs applied to each Afterhours HVAC request per the tenant lease
  • With each afterhours request an email confirmation is delivered to the tenant, property managers and building engineers immediately for accountability and tracking
  • 24/7 monitoring of each request to ensure that service is fulfilled
  • Tracking of concessions and allowances
  • Accounting integration with commercial office industry software providers including Yardi, MRI and Angus

Genea’s Automated Meter Reading Billing (AMRB) solution manages submeter bill backs:

  • Ensures recoupment of energy and cost of supplemental meters
  • Provides detailed accounting of submeter costs
  • Complete solutions that addresses all your tenant submeters
  • Mobile application to streamline the collection of metered data
  • Secure access to historical and current submeter readings and invoices for building teams
  • Easy to use QR Codes customized for each individual non-wired submeter
  • Monthly invoices generated as PDF’s for easy delivery to tenants
  • Testimonials

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    Rosie P
    The launch of the ACS Cloud was great, no problems to report. Thanks for staying on top of this.
    Spencer M
    The Genea ACS Cloud system looks intuitive and clean. I like it.
    Maggie Z
    As always – you are the winner of best vendor ever award. Thank you!!
    Sheree H
    You guys always have the most user friendly interface!
    Melissa G
    Thank you so much! The ACS Cloud website is very user friendly and has a ton of info.
    Adrienn T
    Genea's Client Services Team has been wonderfully helpful with the new Genea system transition.They set up our tenant user group for us with 50+ users.
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